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Walk Against Wind BIOPHOLIO™

from Linda May Han Oh

Biophilia means “an instinctive bond between human beings and other living things.”

The Biopholio™ is a vibrant, 20-panel origami-inspired medium bursting with vibrant artwork and liner notes. Each Biopholio™ is made entirely out of a robust paper which is environmentally-friendly, containing a unique code inside for you to download your music.

We at Biophilia Records care about both music and the environment, and have designed the Biopholio™ in an effort to find a common ground between 1) the time-held tradition of holding physical album-artwork in your hands and 2) finding a more environmental-conscious way of delivering an album-listening experience to the audience.

Photos by Shervin Lainez.
Artwork & Design by Aestheticize Media

With our music and our message, we strive for innovation, to have a positive impact on society and to make the world better place.

-Biophilia Records

shipping out on or around April 13, 2017

 $20 USD or more



Linda May Han Oh New York, New York

Born in Malaysia and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Linda May Han Oh is an active bassist and composer who has performed with the likes of Pat Metheny, Dave Douglas, Joe Lovano, Kenny Barron, Steve Wilson, Geri Allen, Fabian Almazan and Terri Lyne Carrington. Linda has written for large ensembles as well as for film, participating in the Sundance Labs at Skywalker Ranch" ... more


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